Spellbound (Sweep #6) – Cate Tiernan

Following the ceremony to strip Practical Magick owner David of his powers at the end of Awakening Hunter had surprised Morgan with a Morganite Stone with the image of her face inside; the stone shows an individuals hearts’ desires. That linked with the inevitable tension between them and the kisses they have shared and almost shared, sparks the hope of some new romance in Morgan’s life.

The fresh happiness obviously cannot lady forever though and Morgan finds herself stuck between her feelings for Cal and Hunter. This to me is ludicrous he genuinely tried to kill her AND I’m sure they were only really together a matter of weeks but never mind. There’s also another dramatic final show down!

Now onto The Calling; although I have to wait three days until I get home because that’s where my next sweep volume is and they don’t have it on kindle… it’s strange I agree!


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