The Hustle

I love Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson and although I was pretty confused how Hathaway’s serious tones would mix with Wilson’s over the top comedic vibes I was curious to give it a go; plus they seemed like they genuinely get along when I saw a clip of them on the James Corden Show.

Josephine Chesterfield (Anne Hathaway) is an “up-scale” con-artist working in a rich European town. Penny (Rebel Wilson) on the other hand is a small scale con-artist focusing on materialistic and superficial men and taking small amounts of money from them. When they end up on the same train together, Josephine is determined to ensure that Penny does not end up in her territory. But of course it doesn’t work and the two women come to heads, however, it is not long before Penny convinces Josephine to teach her all of her tricks.

Let’s start with the fact that Anne Hathaway’s English accent it TERRIBLE. There’s a little section where she speaks with an American accent and I wish she just kept it through the whole film; although her German accent was better than her English one. She is styled amazingly through the film though and her hair looks super cute through it all. Rebel on the other hand is her usual slapstick comedy self. I’m actually not usually a fan of stupid comedy but I do find Rebel Wilson really funny! It was a good film for a Saturday afternoon with the girls chilling, but it didn’t really have a real storyline in it and the acting wasn’t always great… Not either of their best films, and pretty ironic since Anne Hathaway got her Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame the same week as the release!


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