Awakening (Sweep #5) – Cate Tiernan

Dark Magick ended as Morgan was rescued from Cal and Selene’s pool house which he had set on fire hoping to kill Morgan and ‘solve the problem’ of her being a powerful witch and not wanting to join their dark coven. Understandably, shocked and also heart broken, Morgan needs to deal with her loss and understand the boundaries between what is good and evil.

However, her sanctuary Wiccan store Practical Magick is being closed down and her lesbian Aunt is being targeted in her new house with her girlfriend by hate crimes leading Morgan to consider and witness more dark Magick in her previously safe world.

She also has to embrace the possibility of Hunter becoming the new leader of their coven since Cal has left. How will she adjust to a new leader and is he trustworthy? Morgan has always had a funny feeling around him.

My main criticism of this book is the time frame. Actually maybe of the whole series. Everything happens in such a short space of time it’s crazy! I do like how it makes you consider how easy slipping in to dark Magick can be though, and even with the best intentions it is still not a good answer.

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