Avengers: End Game

If we’re all being honest, the last Avengers film: Infinity War, left us all in shock. Half of the characters LITERALLY disappeared making this LONG awaited finale; did you realise it’s been 11 years and 21 films?!?! One of the most anticipated ever. It also came out at a great time as it was my friend Michelle’s birthday this week so we thought we would treat ourselves to Cineworld’s 4DX showing. I’m going to separate my review into The Film and The Experience. There are some spoilers, but only very early in the film ones nothing major.

The Film

I don’t think I had realised at the end of Infinity War that basically all of the big Avenger’s characters had survived the “vanishing” so we are left with Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Nebula, Black Widow, Clint, Rocket and James; sorry if I’ve missed anybody it is a possibility. They find Thanos hoping to reverse the effects of the infinity stones, however, he has destroyed them and there is no hope left. What I don’t think was very Avenger-y is that they give up! And who would’ve thought it, it is Ant Man who appears five years later and revives their desire to save the world with a new plan!

I am going to say it, the film started a little slow for me. Considering it is a three hour film I don’t think it needed some of the fluff at the start; although of course context is important. But of course that got mostly forgotten about once we got into the action. There is also some great incorporation (is that a word?) of older Avengers films which was a cute little nod to the series and I liked that most characters got to have a moment. Also can we take a moment to appreciate the new balanced Hulk?? I love him! He finally comes across as a superhero rather than a hindrance.

Also the battle scene; I feel like that’s not a spoiler because obviously there’s a battle, was like reliving the Battle of the Bastards from Game of Thrones! It was brilliant. Of course, we were never really expecting a happy ending but it is done beautifully and I think most people that have seen it felt a little emotional; although I must say I’m not invested enough to have cried.

Such a good ending to the chapter and now I am really curious what is next! Let’s see what the new Spiderman film brings!! I do have one question though… Why doesn’t anybody call Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel and not Carol Danvers???

The Experience

So as I said up there somewhere, we decided to do Cineworld’s 4DX for the film. I had done 4DX for Jurassic World last year and loved it; although I did DBox for Escape Room earlier this year and it was crap, so I was super excited. It is a little bit pricey but I rave about it to everybody so my friends were excited too. We even manned up and went to a later showing than we usually would just so we could experience it.

The motion definitely lived up to my experience. You feel so much more involved in the film and there are times when you can feel the characters being punched, it is crazy! And I actually don’t find it distracting which I was originally worried about. There were some slower motion sections which made me feel a little bit sick though. It just adds a little element of fun to the film .

But oh my god, the room was so hot! It absolutely ruined the whole experience for me. Baring in mind this screen has been open for only a year and the cinema itself has just had a big refurbishment to get the full Cineworld branding instead of Empire (I went to the Newcastle Gate cinema by the way) the heat was unbearable. My friend had complained when we first went in but I naively said it would be fine once the film started and the fans were on etc. I was wrong. I literally couldn’t concentrate on the film at times because I was so overwhelmed by the heat.

I hate leaving a screen mid-film but I went to hunt down a member of staff to ask them to turn the air conditioning up to be told it was on full blast which I find really hard to believe seeing as there wasn’t even a trickle of cold breeze. I was then told by another member of staff “the film isn’t 1/3 through yet so if you want your money back you can just leave.” Now here are my problems with that:

  1. It’s not just the cost of the cinema ticket it’s the parking, the food before hand, petrol money, snacks etc.
  2. I bought my tickets for this weeks ago and have been looking forward to it
  3. The 4DX screen is really in demand so when will I even get a chance to come back?
  4. If I do come back will the air conditioning be fixed or will I have the same issue again?
  5. I have to sit through the first 1hour of the same film again
  6. And FINALLY you should be apologising to customers and offering them some sort of incentive to stay loyal whether they choose to suffer through the rest of the film or not

I think one of the reasons this annoyed me so much is that I had a similar experience a few months ago when I went to see Mary Queen of Scots the screen was flickering and I was told I could leave and have a refund or just suffer with it. It’s just really not good enough customer services.


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