The Coven (Sweep #2) – Cate Tiernan

Following straight on from the ending of The Book Of Shadows, Morgan has just been initiated as a student into Cirrus coven along with a group of her classmates with Cal; super hot witch, as the coven leader. Following their Samhain circle Morgan is overwhelmed with energy and magickally brings dead flowers to bloom, before Cal grounds her. Once she is grounded, Cal kisses her, and of course Morgan kisses him back. Now she must deal with the fact she kissed Cal in front of everybody, including her best friend Bree who is self-confessed in love with Cal.

It’s only a chapter or so into the book that Bree gets her revenge and causes a series of events to unfurl, Morgan’s life as she knows it has been a lie and now she has to also deal with the knowledge that she is adopted. Of course with Bree out of the picture as best friend, Morgan relies on Cal for emotional support spiralling their romance to confessions of being soul mates within a week of it blossoming. Because I have read the series before and I know what is to come I can acknowledge that Morgan is just naive and new to the romance scene, but it is stupidly quick and cringeworthy writing otherwise.

The Coven has quite an abrupt ending which does two things for me; leaves me thinking, well that was quite a crap ending, but also makes me eager to read straight on to the next  one… I’m feeling grateful I bought the volume of three books right now!


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