Isn’t It Romantic?

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) hates romantic films and the predictable cliches. However, when she bangs her head; after being mugged, she finds herself living in a romantic comedy. Blake (Liam Hemsworth) her hot boss is all of a sudden interested in her whilst Isabella (Priyanka Chopra); a beautiful rich woman, falls for her best friend Josh (Adam Devine). Romantic comedies lead us to to think that their portrayal of a fairytale life is perfect, however, Natalie gives a blunt satirical opinion on her new life.

Essentially this film is sort of an anti-rom-com but with a genuine rom com undertone if that makes sense? All of the main characters play their usually stereotypes: Rebel Wilson plays the easy going character who doesn’t need a man, Liam Hemsworth plays his usual heart throb role; although with his Australian accent for once, Adam Devine is the awkward yet confident friend and Priyanka Chopra is there for her beauty. So essentially they are trying to break stereotypes with stereotypes.

Undertones aside, the film is genuinely funny and feel good; which is usually all I want from a film. I love these films that go direct to Netflix with such good casts too! If you’re after something super easy and cheesy go for it. It does have a really nice underlying message in the end! Oh and Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles features regularly reminding me of White Chicks haha.




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