Escape Room

I did my first escape room in December; actually I did two, and I thought the concept was such a good idea. So when I saw there was a film about an escape room becoming really life I was very intrigued. Cineworld were showing the film on the DBox screen so me and my friend forked out the extra on a Meerkat Movie Tuesday; first off let me say it wasn’t worth it at all. The 4DX that I’ve done is brilliant so I’m not sure whether it was the movie or the DBox but yeah, my experience was not fantastic.

Anyway, the film. Six individuals; Zoe (Taylor Russell), Ben (Logan Miller), Jay (Jason Ellis), Mike (Tyler Labine), Amanda (Deborah Ann Woll) and Danny (Nik Dodani), are invited to come and play an Escape room with a chance to win a prize of $10,000 if they beat the room. It doesn’t take long for the six to realise this is not a normal escape room as the first room they are in heats with fire before exploding. Each of the rooms they travel through have a different theme, and it becomes apparent the rooms are linked to one of their histories.

The film was genuinely really clever and I really enjoyed it; plus the suspense was JUST right. However, the ending was abysmal! You know when a film should end in a certain place, but then they extend it? Yeah they extended it to set it up for a sequel and I just don’t think it needed it. Sometimes it is okay for a film to just be a one off! Now I’m thinking of it, it was very Final Fantasy-esque meets Saw, good combination!


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