The Holiday

An absolute Christmas classic! When Amanda (Cameron Diaz) dumps her boyfriend for cheating on her she decides a change of scenery is in order. Luckily for her Iris (Kate Winslet) has also suffered from heart break following the engagement announcement of the man she is in love with. They agree to swap houses (LA-English countryside) for the Christmas season.

Iris feels that she has landed on her feet when she pulls up to Amanda’s Californian mansion, however, Amanda panics about what she has done when she struggles up the snowy lane to Iris’ little cottage. However, when Graeme (Jude Law); Iris’ brother, turns up in the middle of the night things start to look up for her.

Both women meet men in each other’s world that teaches them to look at life differently; Amanda with Graeme And Iris with Amanda’s next door neighbour Arthur and her friend Myles (Jack Black).

A modern day Christmas classic that just makes you feel all warm and cosy inside! For killer romantics like me, it’s also a reminder that love can come along in the most unexpected place and at the most unexpected time; plus before this film who ever though that Jack Black and Kate Winslet would ever be an onscreen couple?!? I love it!


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