12 Days Of Giving

When struggling photographer Baxter (David Blue) unexpectedly wins $50,000 his selfish fiancé Audrey (Melanie Recker), has big plans for their wedding and honeymoon. Baxter on the other hand considers opening up a little gallery to take his career to the next level, Audrey doesn’t agree though describing photography as his ‘hobby’.

They’re disagreement on what to spend the money on hits a new height when during the season of goodwill Baxter starts using his money to help others under the guise of Lucky the Elf; paying for children’s Christmas presents, leaving a big tip in a restaurant and buying a homeless man a new mattress. When Audrey learns what Baxter has been doing she is furious he hasn’t spent the money on her.

One special family that Baxter chooses to help is Westin (Jax Connolly) and his Mom Pamela (Ashley Jones). Westin desperately wants to be an ice hockey player but his Mom cannot afford the equipment required, in steps Lucky the Elf. However, when Westin has an accident trying out his new equipment Baxter comes to his rescue and a special friendship starts to blossom.

I think I actually watched this film last Christmas but had forgotten all about it. It is a typical cheesy, low budget, Christmas feel good movie. But considering it is the season of goodwill why not watch it and get some warm fuzzies inside???


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