A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

After the success of last year’s Netflix Christmas original A Christmas Prince, a sequel was released. Following the proposal at the end of A Christmas Prince, the second film picks up with Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) getting ready to have their Christmas wedding. However, all is not rosy in Aldovia, the country is not taking well to King Richard’s new initiative.

Of course the King won’t help his future Queen help him with his political issues and expects her to just be busy planning their wedding; as if they still write films like that. But a little bit of investigative work from Amber and Richard’s little sister Emily (Honor Kneafsey) uncovers secrets Richard didn’t even suspect.

Even though this film was only released this year it seems kind of old. I definitely preferred The Princess Switch  and I’m still disappointed I don’t find King Richard hot. It’s a great mindless, cheesy Christmas romance. But please don’t have any higher expectations than that for this film!


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