The Princess Switch

I refuse to watch any Christmas films until December (The Nutcracker was this years exception), but I have been DYING to watch Netflix’s The Princess Switch. I love me some cheesy rom coms and Sam Palladio (who plays Prince Edward) is definitely some eye candy I don’t mind looking at.

The Princess Switch is kind of a mix between The Prince and Me and the Lizzie McGuire Movie/The Parent Trap. Vanessa Hudgens plays both Stacey; is a normal girl from Chicago still recovering from a messy break up, Lady Margaret, is a Duchess who is due to marry Prince Edward after only meeting him twice. Lady Margaret wants to experience a normal life before becoming a Princess, so when she bumps into Stacey and sees their resemblance she takes the opportunity to propose a switch. Of course they both enjoy the switch a little bit too much!

Full of romance and Christmas cheer I really enjoyed this film, definitely right up my street. It’s now put me in the mood for more Christmas romance so I can build up to the classics closer to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, the acting isn’t great, the story line is predictable as anything, but the message is lovely. If you have Netflix, enjoy some cheese and have a spare 101minutes watch it, it will just make you feel good and all gooey inside; after all, we all just want a Prince Charming of our own don’t we?


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