I first watched this film when it was out at the cinema last year, however, as it is now on Netflix UK I watched it with my Mam the other night.

Wonder is based on R. J. Palacio’s book of the same name, it tells the story of Auggie (Jacob Tremblay) who was born with a condition called Treacher Collins’ Syndrome which gave him a facial deformity. Until middle school, Auggie has always been homeschooled by his mother (Julia Roberts) but she persuades his Dad (Owen Wilson), that it is time he experienced school.

Auggie wears an astronaut helmet to hide his deformity and feel like a normal person, and there is a heart wrenching scene outside of school on his first day where his family all persuade him to take the helmet off. Auggie’s school experience highlights how unforgiving children are; staring and asking questions that adults would avoid, but he finds temporary solace with Jack Will (Noah Jupe), who befriends him. However, Halloween brings a whole new upset at school for Auggie.

I really like how you not only get told Auggie’s story, but Jack Will’s and his sister Via’s (Izabela Vidovic) and Via’s best friend Miranda’s (Danielle Rose Russell) stories also; reminding us that it is not only the single individual that is effected by being different and everybody has a story to tell.

I am not usually a big Owen Wilson fan; I don’t really enjoy the stupid comedy category, however, he was so warm and loving in this film that I wanted him to be my Dad. I always love Julia Roberts though so she can do no wrong in my eyes! This is definitely a feel good family film, and I think it’s important for kids to understand that some people are different and how their words and actions can hurt those people. An easy watch I would recommend to anybody.


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