A Star Is Born (2018)

Possibly the most anticipated film of the year, A Star Is Born tells the story of Ally (Lady Gaga) an aspiring singer who is thrown into the spotlight and a whirlwind romance when she meets off the rails rockstar Jackson (Bradley Cooper). The first 20minutes of the film are super awkward but I really liked it, it was such a true reflection of when people first meet and feel comfortable with each other, yet are still working each other out. Then the music and momentum really get going.

I’ve never seen either of the previous version of A Star Is Born, but I’ve been told this remake is closer to the Judy Garland version than the Barbara Streisand one. However, to me it didn’t feel like a remake at all, the themes were so current; alcohol, drug use and girls being shaped into the ‘perfect’ girl to be in the public eye.

I’m not a HUGE Lady Gaga fan, but she was absolutely brilliant in this film! Her voice literally gave me goosebumps and I was shocked by Bradley Cooper’s singing skills too! I felt like at times we were being given a secret glimpse into the lives of performers; how accustomed they become to large crowds and the secret woes of being able to perform night after night.

Then the music! Oh my goodness the music! I had heard seen quite a lot online about how good the music was, but it hadn’t even crossed my mind to listen to the soundtrack before I went. I’m still quite glad I didn’t, but I downloaded it the second I got back into my car. The final song just takes my breath away, I really wish I still sang because I would LOVE to sing that song!

I’m totally not doing the film justice, it was a genuine emotional rollercoaster. I left the screen just wanting to turn around and watch it again straight away; I’m actually going to take my Mam on Wednesday! It was potentially the best film I’ve seen in about the last 5 years; I loved the Greatest Showman but it’s just a different ball game, it is a rom com mixed with some gritty music which is my bliss! I’m yet to hear a bad review about it though. Let me know what you thought!


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