Unbroken – Melody Grace

Some cheesy smutty chick lit is my guilty pleasure in life so when the Beachwood Bay books were on offer on Amazon I thought I’d give them a go. I read the novella which leads up to this book first of all; Untouched, and it was terrible so I had quite low expectations for this book but I actually enjoyed it.

Juliet had a whirlwind summer, she experienced ‘hurricane love’ with Emerson, unexpectedly lost her Mom and then had her heartbroken by Emerson. Since that summer she hasn’t returned to Beachwood bay and has her life sorted out, she has a steady boyfriend, is finishing her accountancy programme at college and has plans to move to Seattle with her boyfriend Daniel. However, when her Dad decides to sell the beach house, she needs to go back to Beachwood to sort the house ready for sale, of course she bumps into Emerson and her emotions come running back.

Will she pick the hurricane (Emerson) or the steady breeze (Daniel)?

The book was quite short and snappy, easy to read and not too frustrating; although there were some grammatical issues. It wasn’t my favourite book but it’s the kind of story that is great to pick up when you’re on holiday or if you have other things going on that are requiring a lot of concentration. I gave it 3/5 on Goodreads and I am going to read the next one to see how it is; mostly because I’ve already download it, let’s see how it goes.


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