Let’s Start Again

I’m female so of course I’m constantly starting diets, then deciding f*ck it! People should love me as I am. But urgh! I’m currently so uncomfortable in my own clothes that I really  need to sort my shit out.

I have two goals –

  • Lose 2 stone (28lb)
  • Be able to run 5k without stopping!

I joined Weight Watchers (or WW are they’re now called apparently), a while ago but really struggled to stick with it, so I’m going to start a fresh! Last year I lost 15lb in a couple of months so I know I can do it I just need some focus. I used to do kettlebells a few times a week but since I bought my house I just cannot afford it anymore. So, I joined The Gym in April and have been to a few Les Mills’ Body Pump classes which I enjoy but still haven’t made it into the actual gym yet. My plan is to go to at least two body pump classes per week and I’m also going to sign up for a free 1-1 sessions to try and get some understanding of the best ways to work out. PLUS, getting back on the Couch to 5k challenge.

For the past 6months of so I have used finishing my masters as an excuse to not exercise and eat badly, but now its over. Therefore, the excuses need to be too! My graduation is the first week in December and my goal is to be confident by that point!

I figure if I capture my journey on my blog I will have to hold myself more accountable. So, I will be tracking both my exercise journey and my weight loss journey; as well as on my instagram account – slimming.sami. If you have any hints and tips please share them with me!!!


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