A Simple Favour

Let’s start by talking about how well this movie was advertised! I was desperate to see it even though I had absolute no idea what it was about. Then, when the advert came out with more information in, still all I knew was the Emily goes missing and something is strange about it. Such good promotion work!

Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is the quirky, always happy to help Mom at school who doesn’t quite fit in, she has a clogging channel where she shares hints and tips of recipes and generally looking after kids. Emily (Blake Lively) is the beautiful business woman, who is not the typical good Mom (she calls for her son like a dog at one point), and seems like a bad influence. They are not typical friends, however, when their sons demand to have a play date, Stephanie and Emily become fast friends.

Ever helpful Stephanie offers to pick up Emily’s son whenever she needs to and quickly becomes the replacement Nanny. However, when Emily’s husband (Henry Golding) is in England tending to his mother; who has broken her hip, and Emily does not come home she becomes worried. Emily is missing. How and why then become the focus of the film.

The film is a mix of totally predictable moments; yes of course she is going to sleep with her best friend’s husband, but also has so many twists in it you start to wonder what could possibly happen next!

I love both Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively, but I do think they were pretty type cast into their usual roles; it maybe would’ve been interesting for them to play each others roles. I was surprised that Henry Golding played Emily’s husband Sean as I had never even heard of him until he played the lead in Crazy Rich Asians recently (check out my review here), although he is some nice eye candy.

It was definitely an intriguing film, I’m not sure it would be as interesting second time round, and it might be one of those one time only films. Only time will tell.

Oh, nice work on promoting Ryan Reynolds gin brand – Aviation – through the film! They are the cutest couple!


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