Down On Grayson’s – San Antonio

Down On Grayson’s is a really cool restaurant/bar in the Pearl District in downtown San Antonio. There’s a big patio area outside with lots of tables and umbrellas then also a bar you could sit at outdoors too; however, it was forecast to rain so we headed indoors. There was quite a wait for a table so we decided to sit at the bar; which to be honest is usually my favourite place anyway for people watching.


It is one of those bars that even if it isn’t on the drinks menu they will make it for you, so I had a Shirley Temple which was nice and tangy. Although, I must say that the tap water tasted a bit funky so alcohol was really the only option. We saw quite a lot of plates coming out and everything looked so good. We decided to do some appetisers because we wanted to try a few things. We got burger sliders, onion rings, parmesan fries and Brussel sprouts.


There was probably enough food for about four people and I was really upset to waste it. It all tasted so good though! The parmesan fries were probably the app we shouldn’t have ordered (just so we didn’t waste quite so much).

I was pretty tired on Friday night, still a little jet lagged and also from the car journey. I’d also had a really acidic drink earlier on the RiverWalk which gave me indigestion so bad! I wish I could’ve enjoyed the food a little bit better, but I would DEFINITELY go back. It was about a 10minute uber away from the RiverWalk too so it would’ve been good to spend a little more time in the Pearl District – but I suck, so you know!

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