Boudro’s – San Antonio

There is a lot of competition for places to eat and drink on the RiverWalk but I had been told so many good things about Boudro’s. My friend Jen and I, decided to have a date night in Boudro’s, dress up nicely and eat good food. We made a reservation for 8pm, which I was so glad about because it was SUPER busy, and we got seated right on the riverside. Luckily, it was a great evening; not the usual hot, sticky and humid evening which is the norm in Texas, so sitting outside was lovely. But, I’m glad there were only two of us because the additional two chairs at our table made a barrier that people walking along the riverwalk had to step around.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to drink, because when the drinks are $10+ each, you don’t want to get something you don’t enjoy. The waiter was amazing though and told me to pick one and if I didn’t like it he would just swap it for me. To me, that is amazing service! I tried the Prickly Pear Margarita; which didn’t need swapped because it was delicious, and Jen had a Texas Tea.


The dinner options were fate! The menu was a little intimidating to me, there was a lot of stuff that I just didn’t know if I would like and it seemed a little overwhelming; although I’m sure it would have all been amazing. I had looked at the menu through the day and decided I would find out what the fish of the day was; there was 52 types of fish named on the menu as possibilities, and I had decided if it was a fish I found appealing I would go for it, and I was secretly holding out for swordfish as I’ve had it once before and found it amazing (I had it in LA on my road trip in 2016). The grilled fish of the day was *drum roll* swordfish! Hallelujah! So I was ridiculously happy. Jen went with the Quail, as she had it before from Boudro’s and had never tasted anything so good before. Boudro’s is also the old school restaurant where they give you bread! The simplest things are the best.


The amazing service from the staff continued. Boudro’s are famous for their guacamole, which they make fresh table side on order. However, I am not an avocado fan and it is a really big serving. Therefore, Jen was missing out. Then the table next to us ordered some and Jen was joking pretending to ask them for some; they didn’t hear don’t worry we’re not totally trashy, but the waitress must’ve heard as she turned around put a spoon full of guac on Jen’s side plate and walked away without saying a word. Honestly, Jen was so happy! THEN our waiter gave us a free round of drinks! I was overwhelmed with the service. Some places give great service because the food isn’t fantastic, but the food was great too! I was so happy with the entire experience.

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