I missed this movie when it was at the cinema so I jumped at the opportunity to watch it on the plane (so thanks Singapore Air). I pretty much love any psychological thriller and Claire Foy is pretty great in The Crown and Breathe so I was looking forward to seeing her in a different role.

The film follows Sawyer Valentini (Claire Foy), who goes to see a therapist after acknowledging she is struggling to cope with her recent experience where she was stalked. Following her appointment she is given paperwork to sign which the therapist explains is just “routine” to grant patient confidentiality etc. However, the next thing Sawyer knows, she is being admitted to Highland Creek for a 24-hour observation.

Whilst admitted to the facility, Sawyer learns that Highland Creek are involved in an insurance scam, admitting patients who do not require inpatient care involuntarily and holding them until their insurance stops paying out. However, Sawyer soon comes to realise that her stalker (Joshua Leonard) has managed to get a job working at the facility putting her in a potentially dangerous situation, and nobody believes her.

The film reminded me of Girl Interrupted and Gothika; I guess there are only so many ways you can write a film about a woman being admitted to a mental facility against her will and unable to escape. But I did really enjoy it; also Matt Damon has a totally random uncredited cameo!  Claire Foy was really good which has made me pretty excited for the Girl In The Spiders Web which comes out later this year.

I didn’t find it particularly jumpy, or that I was in suspense or anticipating anything scary, but my curiosity was definitely piqued and I wanted to see the ending; although I feel like it ended pretty quickly. It was only 94mins in length too so it doesn’t take too much time. I would definitely recommend it.


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