Please Stand By

I had never heard of this film before so when I saw it as an option to watch on my flight to Houston I was unsure, but it was genuinely brilliant! Please Stand By tells the story of Wendy (Dakota Fanning) a young women on the autistic spectrum who is obsessed with Star Trek.

Wendy lives in a group home which is ran by Scotty (Toni Collette) where she has a schedule to help her deal with her condition. When Paramount Studios launch a competition to write a script for a Star Trek movie, Wendy becomes obsessed with submitting her entry. However, when she has an argument with her sister, she missing the mailing date. Her obsession with entering the competition, takes her on an adventure to travel from San Francisco to LA alone (well with Pete the dog).

It was a really heart warming and emotional film, which gave an insight into the everyday life of those with autism. Films I have seen in the past with an autistic character tend to have a major drama and focuses on how the individual overcomes that. Travelling to San Francisco to LA would be such a normal thing to do for the majority of people, which is why I think witnessing Wendy’s struggle to do that is perfect. It is not overly dramatic and the simplicity brings a special quality.

The film hasn’t been released in the UK, but it seems like the sort of film which might be released on Netflix. It was a great family film and a good insight into the life of others.


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