It’s Been A While…

Well it has definitely been a while since I last blogged anything. So what have I been up to?

I went to Texas like I had said I would be… it was obviously as amazing as ever. Houston is legit  my favourite place to go. My amazing friends had all made a pact too that I wasn’t allowed to spend any money on food as they knew that I was poor (as per usual what is new?) from just booking my flights a few weeks ago. Highlights of my trip were going to the rodeo to see Blink 182 (reliving my teen years there), a very drunken brunch and a touristy day with Jen at the aquarium!

Here is a little collage of all I got up to…


THEN when I stepped off a plane I had lots of missed calls, texts and emails. They were all off a guy who I had interviewed for the month before, but hadn’t gotten the job. But believe it or not, they were now offering me the same job. So, some background. I decided to go back to uni last September when I returned from travelling the USA (see here…. ) to do my masters in HR. In January I had applied for an HR job with the NHS. It was less money, less holidays and worse benefits… but working 9-5 Mon-Fri and doing what I actually wanted to do. When I was told I didn’t have the job I thought right okay that’s fine it wasn’t meant to be. However, they they offered me the job! Whoop!

I started my new job in the middle of May and so far it has been great. Although adjusting to having weekends off is strange.

I just realised I actually have a LOT of stuff to catch my blog up on so maybe I’ll post some catch up posts through the week…. It’s like a little tease.

However, I really do plan to get better at blogging again. I’m going to try and use this site to record my reviews of films, books, shows etc. Record my adventures and just have a rant every now and again.

It almost doesn’t matter if anybody ever reads it, it’s like a memory box just for me.

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