As if it’s 2017!

Bloody hell it’s 2017! Where did 2016 go?? Everybody hated 2016 and couldn’t wait to see it gone, but I loved it! It was one of the best years of my life! I spent 4months in America, visited 5 different states, holidayed in Marbella with my bestie, visited LOTS of theme parks and went back to uni.


Yes okay, I didn’t meet the man of my dreams like I hoped, or moved out (it’s just so much easier to fund my life without a mortgage). But I had fun! Plus I did meet lots of new people which was my goal and spent some amazing time with those I already love.

But as Rafiki from the Lion King would say; ‘it doesn’t matter it is in the past.’

So, 2017! So far I have 2 adventures planned. In June I’m off to Florida with my bestie Laura for us to live out our Disney dreams once again & then in September I am off to Canada with Chelsea to be an outdoorsy person and go hiking in the Rockies and the like!

I have also got some new resolutions! My main resolution is that I am going to stop being lazy, if something is in walking distance I’m going to force myself to walk instead of jumping in the car. I’m also doing the #Walk1000MilesIn2017 challenge. Both of these are just to help me with my fitness because right now it is abysmal. I’m also going to try and make some healthier options with food. Ultimately, 2017 is going to be my year of happiness! I’m going to start doing things for me. Wish me luck!


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