Sleeping Beauty The Panto


For my birthday I booked tickets to go and see Sleeping Beauty at the Sunderland Empire with my family and friends – yes for my 27th Birthday. In my opinion, Sunderland always does the best pantomime in the region so I was pretty excited.

I was however sensible and took my own wand with me because I think the novelties on sale are an absolute rip off! God knows how parents take numerous kids and manage to afford the tickets, the refreshments and the toys!


This year the panto was full of celebrities, but the one I was most looking forward to was Faye Tozer from Steps. When I was little I ALWAYS wanted to go and see Steps but wasn’t allowed and instead had to go and see Boyzone because that was my Mam and Sister’s option. So when she did a Step’s medley my day was literally made!!

Vicky Entwistle was the highlight in my opinion though; although I didn’t realise it was Janice Battersby from the knicker factory in Coronation Street! She literally gave it her all and was in a different category to everybody else! Andrew Agnew from Balamory was another great addition to the cast I feel like he genuinely loves kids and cares about them having a good time which is so rare to witness these days! Bobby Crush as Nurse Nelly was also great although I must admit I didn’t know who he was so didn’t get the piano playing until my Mam explained it to me.

The only thing I was disappointed in throughout the panto was the music. The live band seemed to be lacking something and I knew hardly none of the songs. Also vocals weren’t fantastic at times, Secret Love Song by Little Mix was slaughtered a little and it’s such a good song as an original!

Overall though, I would definitely recommend for people to go, it’s such a good British tradition and so much fun! However, join in! The more you put in to it the more you will get out!


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