Totally Failing At Blogging

Okay I admit it. Since I got home I have been a total failure at blogging, so I’m just going to give a little update of my life in the past few months (incase anybody is even vaguely interested).

So when I got home I decided I needed some new direction in my life so signed up to do my Masters at Northumbria University in Human Resources Management and Development. I literally graduated 5 years ago so going back to uni was a pretty big deal to me. And a great excuse for some new stationary


I’m not going to lie, going back to uni as a mature student has been hard, it turns out you still need lots of motivation to turn up, plus, I have one class which is called Business Analysis and I literally have no idea what I’m doing I just click buttons on SPSS and Excel and hope for the best.

I’ve also accidentally booked some more holidays, whoops!! My first week back at work I got a text off my friend Chelsea, telling me she was off to Canada. Now as you might remember if you read my summer posts, I met a few people from Canada over summer and it is top of my countries to visit list. So obviously I was super jealous, then she told me she was allowed to take a friend and would I like to come? What a stupid question! I pretended to be all adult about it and think of the finances etc. but within about 2 days we had flights booked! So September 2017 I’m off to Vancouver!! Planning to visit Banff too and hopefully Seattle, the dream would be Alaska but I get it’s a million miles away in reality.


Then a few weeks later I had another accident. My best friend Laura had a bit of a messy break up with her boyfriend so as a means to cheering her up we decided to book a holiday. Which turned in to DISNEYWORLD!!! Eeeeek. I’ve been complaining that I’m desperate to go back since the last time I was there was 2014 so I’m super excited! We are both such Disney geeks too it’s going to be amazing. So that’s June. Wooop!

walt disney world - magic kingdom castle fireworks

I am a little bit gutted as going to Canada and Florida has meant I have had to cancel my Texas trip this year I was planning for April. But hey ho! There’s always 2018… Or you never know I might just have another accident and deal with the consequences later…

I have also gotten pink hair since I returned! Haha. So my plan after being so blonde over summer was to maybe go silver ombre, however, I was convinced that it wouldn’t suit me so went pink instead; there was a minor home dying with bleach orange dilemma in the middle, but I love it. It’s been years since I’ve had random unnatural coloured hair so it’s been a nice change.


It’s been a lot to upkeep though, so probably won’t last past December…

Oooo I’ve discovered a new favourite band since I’ve been home too! So everybody knows that I love Carrie Underwood (God I wish I could see her live god dammit) but I’ve discovered an English country band who are super cool called The Shires, if you haven’t heard of them seriously you should go and have a listen! I’m going to see them live next Monday so maybe I’ll stick a review up!

Then the worst news of everything, I had my wisdom teeth finally taken out on Thursday. It was 45mins of drilling and having my head literally pushed around by a fully grown man trying to get a tooth out. It was horrendous and the pain that followed was pretty crappy too. I’ve had a nice swollen face for days now too which is super sexy obviously!

Anyway that’s about it for now, I’m going to try to get back in to blogging more regularly so hopefully I’ll be back again soon! See ya!

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