My Scientology Movie

I can’t help it I am really interested in Scientology; not in a positive way I might add, I watch YouTube videos all the time about people who have ‘escaped’ Scientology. So, when I found out that Louis Theroux was going to be releasing a Scientology documentary I was super excited, however, that was about a year ago with absolutely no release date in sight….

Today, it was finally released!!! (Yes I know I could’ve seen it in the cinema a few weeks ago but my cinema only played it once and I wasn’t free to go).maxresdefault-2

I thought I would make a note of what my pre-Louis opinion is on Scientology and see if that changes after watching his documentary, so, here it goes. To me Scientology is a secretive cult only accessible by the rich and famous, essentially you pay to progress up the ladder of the ‘church’ meaning the more money you invest the more ‘secrets’ they will tell you. I’ve also heard something about an alien theory? I’m not too sure on it to be honest as a lot of videos I’ve watched previously are pretty vague on the matter, so I’m really hoping that Theroux’s no nonsense approach reveals more.

What I am very interested in is that at the beginning of the movie Theroux expresses that his initial interest was to shine some light on the positives of the church as it receives so much criticism, to be honest I find this hard to believe, generally; in my opinion, all documentaries that Theroux releases are aimed to shock and expose which that would clearly not do. It makes me wonder why he is trying to paint himself in an innocent light? Who knows.

I’m not going to lie I was a little bit confused when they initially started auditioning people, thinking is this actually a documentary or a reenactment? But it did end up making sense that they were reenacting scenes that they had no access to due to the scientology church refusing to be involved. Still a little bit weird though.

I don’t think I particularly learned anything new after watching this documentary but it was interesting to see that once again members of the church made it worse for themselves through their reactive states. Why do they get themselves so worked up about protecting the church and the grounds?

I’m still definitely against Scientology as it’s too secretive for my liking, but I am a little bit disappointed with the documentary for not uncovering anything new, I almost expected Louis to get into the church under cover or something. Oh well, never mind.

3 thoughts on “My Scientology Movie

    1. I genuinely find that so interesting. Do you fully believe? I just feel like the way members of scientology present themselves in media like this paints a really bad image whereas if they were open and welcoming about their faith we could learn a lot more from it. Which is ironic considering you walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame and are encouraged to go in to the church…

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      1. Em ok wow very insightful and you have hit the nail on the head. If they just opened up they would be accepted into the worlds fold – why the fight… connect with me on fb if you like.


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