Back To Reality

Well I got home from the States a good few weeks ago now and I feel like I’ve never been gone now. I seriously had the best summer of my life, if you’re thinking about working in a summer camp do it! Don’t make excuses like I did for years just go! Not only was it crazy fun working and adventuring in the USA but I also feel like I learned a lot about myself too.

The typical artificial things like I spend way too much money on stupid things, I pack too much and I am way too OCD about organisation. But I also discovered that I take things to heart too easily but don’t necessarily let anybody else know I’m that soft at all, I’m definitely management material (this summer helped me to decide to go back to university to get my masters in HR Management and Development) but also that I’m at that point in my life where it is definitely time to grow up and stop putting off adult things like living alone and things. Don’t get me wrong I still fully plan to travel and not get tied down fully but I can do both right?

My advice to anybody thinking of going to camp? 

Ignore what every says do your research, find out whether there’s a camp that matches you and go for it!

Seriously think about your packing, I left so many clothes and shoes along the way that I just wish I hadn’t packed them. If you have a camp tshirt you literally need hardly any tops as you live in your tshirt.

Have an idea of where you want to travel after camp, chances are everybody has similar ideas and you just need to get together and work it out.
Be prepared to do things you don’t want to do and eat things you would prefer not to; camp is about the kids not you!

Get ready to meet some amazing people, and some people you’d rather punch in the face, that’s okay, just keep out of their way and focus on the ones you like! Believe me you do not have to do everything together it’ll just make things worse.

And finally, take every opportunity, don’t come back to the UK thinking, I wish I’d done that… 

Check out Americamp now!!

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