Leaving England

The past 6 months have gone so quickly from getting placed by Americamp at the camp fair back in January (I Got PlACed!!!). It’s been one of those dates I’ve been waiting for forever but at the same time I’m not sure I’m quite ready for it to be here. It didn’t hit me until this morning what a big commitment it is to leave home for 12 weeks; especially because I’m a total mammy’s girl.

This is my plan for my time in the USA –

  • 6 Days in Houston
  • 7 Weeks at camp in San Jose
  • 2.5 Weeks travelling the West Coast
  • Weekend in Dallas
  • 2 Weeks in Houston

I’m really lucky that I have such amazing friends in Houston that if I get home sick I’ve got them to pick me up! I’m also really looking forward to meeting on the girls who I’ve been talking to for months on Facebook at camp. I’m sure we’re going to have the most tiring but amazing time of our lives.

So currently, I’m all checked in, through security and just waiting to board my first flight which is Newcastle to Heathrow. I’ve got my kindle full of books, my iPad full of films and my pillow to try and get some sleep.

Wish me luck!!! I’m off to hunt down a cup of tea!!

Byeeeee ____x

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