Day One

I’m down to just a week until I jet off and it’s time to face the inevitable… packing! I have literally been dreading packing for months, like how do you fit your entire life for 3 months into one suitcase? Especially if you’ve read my last post about being addicted to shopping… So I figure I’ve definitely got to plan before I go ahead and jump in to it.

First up – my camp packing list

  • Back pack
  • Light jacket (a baby pink mac is the same thing right?)
  • T-shirts, long sleeves & sweaters (pretty vague…)
  • Shorts & long pants (same scenario…)
  • Underwear and socks
  • Pyjamas (I love my pjs, ahhhh)
  • Toiletries (I was so tempted to buy this stuff over there but then I want to take a lifetime supply of dry shampoo)
  • Beach towel & face cloth
  • Bathing suit (this has caused a dilemma is a bikini acceptable?)
  • Sunscreen (I’ve stocked up on the factor 50)
  • Sunglasses
  • Running shoes
  • Baseball cap (I still need one of these)
  • Reusable water bottle (New Look provided me with a super cute one)
  • Camera (I’m taking my digital & my polaroid)
  • Mobile phone
  • Laptop (I purchased a new one just for the occassion)
  • iPod (I’m presuming I can use my phone…)
  • Fancy dress costumes for themed parties (I need to raid the performing arts school’s costume room for this one)

My main problem with this is that it’s a pretty vague list, I think the reason for that is that they’ve created a generic list which is the same for all of the Tamwood locations. I’m the kind of person who needs to be told – bring 5 pairs of shorts because you do not need anymore, otherwise I’m going to turn up with 20 pairs… I know everybody’s posts say to not take too much because you will buy more there, but I’ve already purchased an extra suitcase to fly… Eeeeeek.

Okay, my goal for tomorrow is to work out what I’m actually taking… Wish me luck!!!

Day Two

I’ve failed already… I bought more stuff… I promise I didn’t mean to! I went to buy a baseball camp (because you know it’s on my camp packing list and like I said above I hadn’t bought one yet) and I came back with another pile! Eeeek – I did get my cap though so every cloud.

So my genuine next job is to pull things out and pile them up to make sure everything has something to go with and that I’m not taking anything that I’m not going to actually wear… Fun… Oh can we take a moment though to appreciate how cute the minnie mouse sunglasses case is?!?! AND it was only £3 from Primark, I’m genuinely in love with it plus I have a tendency to never get cases with my glasses so at least it’ll stop them from getting scratched! Oh and the sim card… I know Americamp give you a free sim you can use however I think this 3 sim card is a brilliant alternative, it gives you free calls and texts and 12GB of internet for £20! I used it when I went to NYC at the start of the year so thought I’d grab another.

Day Three

I still haven’t packed… I did however pull some important things together… like friendship bracelet stuff, colouring in postcards and my polaroid camera… That was productive right? Now I’m just too sleepy so I’m going to leave it for tomorrow (I’m aware it’s only 6pm but it’s fine I have 4 more days to do it in). Oh I did make sure I had all my documents I need though –

  • Passport – check
  • Visa – check
  • DS2019 (or whatever it’s called) – check
  • Sevis receipt – check
  • Flight itinerary – check
  • First Aid certificate – check
  • DBS check – check

I think that’s everything, although I do still need to print out my insurance card. They are now all neatly tucked away in a little plastic folder which is actually packed in my cabin luggage with my California road trip book so technically I have started!! Weyyyy!

Day Four

Well today I actually got my suitcases out of the loft… I am quite literally the Queen procrastinator I can’t believe I haven’t started yet. I’m stressing myself out but still not actually doing it. However, my Mam did start attaching labels  to some of my clothes today as my camp recommended that needs to be done if you want to use the laundry service and let’s be honest would I rather do it myself or get somebody else to do it?

On a different note I’m having a dilemma of whether to pay to reserve a seat on the plane. I’m flying with BA and it’s £42 to reserve a seat, so I had decided to just leave it until free check in opens on Monday morning as there were loads of unreserved seats, however, as the days have went on the plane is becoming more and more crowded to the point where there are only 7 window seats left. I’m going to be really upset if I don’t have a window seat, yet, I don’t really want to spend £42 if I could just do it for free in a few days time. Literally such a dilemma!

Day Five & Six

All I did this weekend in relation to packing was bought another new skirt. I need to get a grip! I’m running out of time. And my bank account is emptying pretty fast.

Day Seven

So I fly in less than 24 hours and I still haven’t packed. The stress levels are high! Today has to be the day as I literally don’t have another day. My lovely mother has labelled quite a lot for me so she’s a bit of a star. Okay wish me luck!

Oh and in other news, I paid for my seat to be reserved after panicking there were only 7 window seats left on my flight… Yup when I checked in this morning there were still 7 window seats left I should’ve just saved the money!! Darn it!


I really wish I had started this when I planned to because now I’m panic packing and I know I’ve packed wayyyyy too much, luckily though I suppose I can leave stuff at my friends house in Houston so I don’t have to take it all to camp… I’ve so far packed one case and my carry on, so just another case (that I’m going to dispose of on arrival don’t worry it for essentials like dry shampoo) and my handbag to fill. As you can tell though I’m currently taking a break. I also just realised there’s things from my camp’s list that I still haven’t packed… whoops that’s not very clever!

Okay, I’m packed (minus the essentials that I need in the morning). 2 cases, 1 cabin case and a handbag done. Yeah, I know I’m taking too much but it’s fine I’m over it. I think I’ll do another post when I get back though about what I actually needed.

My Words Of Wisdom

Plan your packing! You might be going away for a few months but realistically you have access to a washing machine (in most cases) and you don’t really need to take that much as you can get stuff there if it’s required. Learn from my mistakes!!!

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