Summer Wish List

I forever have a million things I want to do, so I figured the best thing to do is to create a wish list of things I want to achieve this summer whilst I’m in America so I hopefully don’t forget to do anything!

1. Swim with Dolphins


I know people say it’s mean but I’ve just always wanted to do it!!

2. See A Vegas Show


3. Walk Along The Hollywood Walk of Fame


4. Pose at the Edge of the Grand Canyon


Typical and cheesy I know but it’s an important photo to have in your life

5. Watch Sunset On The Beach


6. Visit Disneyland


Preferably dressed as a Disney Princess squad but I’ll take just a visit I suppose….

7. Ride the Ferris Wheel On Santa Monica Pier


Probably the rollercoaster too…

8. See the Hollywood Sign


& do a typical jumping photo in front of it of course

9. Straddle a State Line


Totally inspired by A Walk To Remember because it’s my favourite film!

10. Attempt To Surf


If you don’t do it in California where would you??

Hopefully the girls I get to travel with will have some similar wish list ideas so I can get them marked off. But you know, worst case scenario, I’ll just have to plan another visit to do the rest!

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