I Can’t Stop Shopping

Anybody who knows me will be aware of the fact I enjoy spending money (not just on myself I might add though I am an amazing gift purchaser) so with the excuse of camp just around the corner my shopping has racked up a knotch.

It started last Friday when I had a day off so decided to drag my mother to the Metro Centre (if you live in the North East of England you will understand how important the Metro Centre is to anybody who enjoys shopping, it’s actually the biggest shopping centre in Europe I do believe), the idea was to get the remaining essentials that I needed – sun tan lotion, a cap… okay that’s pretty much all I needed. What I left with was something quite different (I can’t believe I didn’t save the picture I was going to put here it was a literal pile of shopping including earrings, clothes, necklace, make up, more make up, 5 pairs of pyjamas, a paddling pool… it was a mess).

I even spent £43 on an eyeshadow palette; granted it is limited edition urban decay and disney so it is definitely justifiable but this is why I shouldn’t be allowed out of the house!img_6765-1

Isn’t it pretty though???

You may also spot in that abbreviated list that I said paddling pool and that’s for a very, very good reason! Before I head to camp I’m spending 6days in Houston with my friends who have told me for years I won’t be able to hack the summer heat (I usually go over in March) so my solution is to make it like being on holiday when you’re too hot so you just jump in the pool! Genius I know!So that was shopping spree number one, shopping spree number 2 came courtesy of my very account. Whoops! But you see I NEEDED to buy a cool swimming costume just in case bikinis are considered unacceptable, but again it sort of spiralled to me now owning the costume, 4 tops, a cool cardigan thing, another tassel bag (let’s be honest you can never have too many) and an extra pair of gym leggings JUST IN CASE.

For the sake of my bank account these next two weeks until I fly best go quickly! Although I’m sure they will.

Now just let me check my camp packing list again…..

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