Starting To Stress

So it’s now less than 4 weeks until I head stateside for summer and I am soon excited, however I am also starting to stress too. My number one stress is about packing. Packing to go on a weeks holiday is bad enough but packing for 3 months of my life is out of this world; especially when I’m not 100% sure of the weather! My current plan is to book an extra suitcase so I can take plenty of items and not worry about weight so things like dry shampoo aren’t an issue. I’m not really an overly materialistic person so I’m sure it won’t be an issue binning things for coming home and leaving stuff behind.

I also need to desperately lose weight before I wear shorts and vests all summer but I just enjoy naughty food wayyyy too much and have no time to go to the gym as I’m working non-stop until the week before so I really need to get my act together and do the best I can (although I definitely just went out for cake with my mam… whoops). It doesn’t help that eating healthy just doesn’t really work for me I need to dedicate real time to exercise.


Then the final issue is worrying about money. I suppose I’m sort of an unusual candidate for Americamp as I work full time and I’m older than your average participant therefore have the bills which come with that sort of lifestyle – phone, car etc. so not only do I need to make sure I have money for my time in America but I also need to make sure there’s plenty of money in the bank to cover my home expenses. It’s super stressful.


I’m sure I’ll come back in September and just think tough it was all worth it and the stress and money means nothing. But for the time being it’s a worry. But one thing is definite…


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