Little Mix

On Saturday night I went to see Little Mix in Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena. I’m such a huge fan and always get a feeling of overwhelming pride on how far Jade has come from singing in Temple Park in South Shields for the annual Mayor’s charity Show; I don’t know how their mams cope!

This year the show was a little raunchier than previous years with smaller costumes and sexier dance routines, which to me just made sense; they’re growing within the industry and are more comfortable with who they are as a band and what they want to do. However, some parents that were there did comment that it made them a little uncomfortable having their young children there which I suppose I can understand.

I found the mix of old and new songs a great balance, although I was disappointed Clued Up wasn’t included in the setlist as that’s one of my favourites off the Get Weird album. Lightning was a highlight, showing the diversity that the girls can actually give; it’s one of those songs which would be awesome in a club but a little different than their usual style, during the show though it was a dramatic break.

One of my favourite parts of the show was when they brought it down to sing Secret Love Song – I love a ballad!

 They all have such amazing voices it’s almost the perfect song for them to all show off their skills.
Every time I see Little Mix perform I’m blown away by the energy they must use through the show, they dance from start to finish and look like they’re having so much fun with their dancers; who are also incredible it’s worth noting, there was a very bizarre section where the dancers were all wearing giant rabbit heads haha so bizarre! Ooo and a moment of Wannabe by the spice girls which I think was brilliant as its so true that they are this generations spice girls.

As the ‘encore’ the girls wowed with an acapella version of The End in beautiful Britney Spears style skin tone and sparkle costumes

 Followed by the huge hit Black Magic.

Honestly I absolutely loved the entire show, I wish I was going back next week!

Girl power ✌🏻️

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