The other day in Facebook a suggested website came up called ‘Typo.’ Now anybody who knows me will know that I’m rather partial to some stationary so of course I had a perusal. So first up I was pleasantly surprised by the prices (3 notebooks for £6 really is a bargain), secondly I was drawn to the ‘travel’ section. 

I do tend to travel quite a lot; both within the UK and other places, so I was really curious what I’d find. Especially since it’s not long until I journey to California for the summer. Originally I was really drawn to a cute travel pillow with an atlas picture on, however, since I’m ‘saving’ and I already have a travel pillow I couldn’t justify it to myself.

What I did get however are these super cute and funky wash bags  


I get really frustrated when I’m on holiday with what to do with my dirty underwear… Now I have a solution. I’m assuming they will come in super handy in San Francisco too when I have access to a laundry service; rather than carrying my dirty delicates in my arms or whatever.

I then bought this brilliant luggage tag 

 It was a snapchat picture so I apologise for the writing haha. I don’t usually use a luggage tag as I find them pretty pointless they surely just trace who you are from the tag the airline puts on but it was so cute and only £3.50 I couldn’t resist. When it’s arrived it’s really good quality so I’m more than happy with it (hence sending it in a snapchat).
I obviously couldn’t resist 3 for £6 on the notebooks either. However, I am a bit if a notebook snob (I usually buy them exclusively from paperchase) and I am a little bit disappointed with the quality of the paper. But, the reason I bought spiral ones is so that I can rip the pages out when I’m done with them so I’m sure it will be fine. Plus what else could I expect from £2/book  

 I gave the third one to my sister hence why there are only two. I also bought her and my friend a glass each that said wake up to live which I thought was a nice positive message to give them both.

Typo had an offer one when I purchased my goodies giving free delivery which considering I ordered on Wednesday night and they’re here already was a really good deal.

Although I probably won’t buy any more notebooks from Typo I will definitely be keeping an eye out for some little bits and bobs as I found it pretty good value for money – I bought 3 notebooks, washing bags, a luggage label and 2 glasses and it all came to £30.50! Bargain some would say! I recommend checking it out.

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