Day 17 & 18

My last day and a half in America went by in a whirlwind. After our second attempt Gem & I had a scrummy breakfast at the Seabrook Waffle Co.

 Waffle, Nutella and ice cream for breakfast is pretty much what dreams are made of. The place was really cool as well, you can kind of see but not fully that the tables all had seaside scenes on them and it sort of made me miss home a little bit as it reminded me of South Shields beach but I got over it quickly.
Typically being my last full day it chucked it down. So I literally spent all day in bed watching Scandal. I’d always wanted to watch it and Gemma and her dad Steve had told me it was brilliant so thought I’d jump on board since its on American Netflix, yeah it was brilliant I watched the entire first season. Although Kerry Washington will always be the ghetto girl in save the last dance to me!

Last year when I came to Texas I met Amanda and Jen on my first night in a Mexican restaurant called pappasitos so it seemed only fitting to get all the girls together for one last meal before I headed home. I’m really sad we didn’t take a photo though, next time girls!!! Although I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food myself I am officially addicted to chips and green sauce; and don’t believe them when they say it isn’t spicy because it is but it’sbeautiful!

It was really tough saying goodbye to people like even though I’ve only met Amanda and Leandra a handful of times each they genuinely feel like friends, and saying bye to Jen & Gemma always sucks. Like I speak to them both constantly and feels only natural we should see each other regularly.

Thursday morning was all just about getting ready to head to the airport and almost just wasting time. I hate home time! I forget how far out George Bush airport is too, so huge thanks to Steve for being my taxi driver. Just before I left I had my first Wendy’s (after 4 trips to America it was about time) and was pleasantly surprised. Of course I looked like a huge tourist in the airport wearing my rockets jersey and Houston hoody (of which I bought another so I have 2 to represent with now).

I don’t know what it is, whether it’s just the people but Texas really has my heart. I can’t wait to be back in June no matter how brief my visit.

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