Day 16

Through the night I think somebody snapped my neck in half, I woke up at about 5.30am in absolute agony I obviously pulled a muscle or something but it ruined my nights sleep. So at about 8 I accepted defeat and headed downstairs with my book (I’m reading Northern Lights by Philip Pullman). I lasted about an hour before I headed back to bed haha.

Then it was time for junk tv. Sex and the City was first and then I discovered ink masters after I had watched LA Ink which I used to love. For a tattoo virgin I love watching tv shows about tattoos.

Jen picked me up about 4pm to take me to hers for a sleepover and to introduce me to WhatABurger which is apparently a huge Texas thing.

It was good but I will never get over  how sweet American bread is. What’s wrong with regular bread?!? Lol

It was then time to continue my addiction of ink master because it was on tv again and it turns out Jen loves it too. Haha sooo bad. However I also got a bagful of presents which was super fun! Including an engagement ring off Jen haha

All in all pretty chilled and boring I know. But sometimes that’s what a holiday is about.

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