Day 15

Holiday blues started to sink in today, I can’t believe it’s Monday and I leave on Thursday. I’m also concerned about my body clock because I haven’t been getting out of bed until after 9am which is like 3pm in the uk oops!!

On the plus side it was another beautiful day in Houston so I sat outside most of the day reading a book called Listen to the Moon by the guy who wrote War Horse, Gemma’s dad gave me it to read and it’s super interesting. It’s all about a girl who appears seemingly out of nowhere and cannot speak, the story unravels where she’s come from.

 A photo just to prove how nice the weather was. Gemma rudely interrupted my reading (not really) to take me for lunch. After much humming and harring we decided on Vietnamese food because I’d never had it before (and because you could sit outside and I had demanded that). I had pork Stirfry which was okay but I wasn’t hugely won over by it. For once I actually had room left for dessert so we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory where it took me about 10mins to decide what I wanted. I settled on tuxedo chocolate.

It was amazing. I can’t believe I went so many years of my life not liking cheesecake!

Gemma then had to go back to work so I sat and finished my book and got a little sunburnt (again). I literally had such a relaxing day it was lovely. Followed by some Buffalo Wild Wings for tea.

That was literally my entire day.

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