Day 14

Happy Easter!!!

Not so happy hangover. Owsh! My only aid was the fact that I knew Jen felt just as bad as me!! Haha. I finally dragged my butt out of bed at about 10.30 when my family FaceTimed me from home after their Easter dinner.

I really needed to get moving though as Jen was preparing an Easter dinner for us which I had pestered her for! After finding an open store to buy a cake for dessert (we were going to make cheesecake bunnies but my hangover prevented it) we headed to Jen’s. She made an amazing beef brisket with sprouts, mash and green beans. Plus she even made some Yorkshire puddings for me. It was absolutely delicious and definitely what we all needed to line our tummys.

After dinner Loni looked for all the hidden eggs whilst we all literally lay around half napping half watching tv. At about 5 I declared i needed to go and do something before I spent my entire day sleeping. So me, Gemma and Homer headed to TopGolf driving range.

I’ve literally never been to a driving range but I didn’t realise it was so much fun, I never thought there were actual games to be played I just thought you had to hit it as hard as you could (mine wasn’t very as it turned out). But it was so much fun I thoroughly enjoyed our 2 hours. And the weather was glorious it was sooo warm even when the sun started to go down.

It’s safe to say I definitely didn’t win but it was fun all the same!

Once again we left at the perfect time for a beautiful sunset

I dunno why but I really love sunsets and sunrises.

When we got home me and Gemma finally did something we had been planning to do for days! We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I had never seen it before and can’t believe I was missing out on something so funny! I love John Corbett too he’s so charming. Now we can officially go and see the new one (if we ever have time).

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