Day 12

Happy Good Friday!!! It’s so strange not being at home for good Friday I feel like I’m missing the parades and the craziness of the fair and pubs (even though I rarely participate in any of those things anyway). However, we had a totally different good Friday planned. After choosing to not go last year, this year it was a given – going to the space centre!

  Stupidly we never expected it to be that busy, but it definitely was. We ended up parking right at the back, but even from the car park you get a sense of the sheer geekiness you are about to experience as the is the first thing you see

 When you go in, it is super overwhelming, there is literally just stuff everywhere; I’m fairly confident I missed a good 60% of the attractions. There were loads of things to do like cycling challenges, picking heavy objects up, controlling remote control spaceship things without physically seeing them, absolutely loads. But what caught my attention more than anything was the sheer volume of missions actually completed. There’s a wall with pictures of every team that ever went up; even stranger are the amount of people that Gemma recognises.

After wandering for a while we decided to do a tram tour. It was really difficult to pick as there were 4 different tours that went to different places, but they all took about an hour so you couldn’t really do more than one.

We opted for the blue tour which took you to rocket park and the historical mission control. We sat in the viewing room where the actual message ‘Houston we’ve had a problem’ was heard when Apollo 13 hit an issue with their oxygen. We then got back on the tram and headed over to Rocket Park, where they have a rocket that was about to be sent up just before funding changed and they couldn’t afford to do it anymore.

 You can’t really tell how big it is from the picture but it’s legit humongous.  It takes up the entire size of this warehouse, like the tip of it is practically touching the wall.

 After wondering a little bit longer we decided we were done and headed out to go home. Only after we left did we realise we had totally forgotten to go into the new bit (the first photo) like the only part Gemma hadn’t done before… We are so clever!
However, it was nice and hot so I got over it quickly when I realised it was actually hot enough for me to sit in the garden and sunbathe!! Yeyyyyy. So I sat and finished the book that Liz had lent me and got sunburnt.

Once it started to cool off a little bit me & Gemma decided it was time to go and grab some food and a few cocktails. Since she didn’t come to Yard House yesterday we decided to go there and managed to get in just before happy hour ended.

We then went to an arcade place called Dave & Busters which is like almost a grown up arcade. We kept ourselves entertained for ages. My favourite game was a one where you had to hit the clowns with balls, but they had all sorts! Monopoly, deal or no deal, candy crush, dance mats, basketball like literally pretty much everything. But once our money ran out we decided to had played enough and headed home just as the sun was starting to set.

And never being somebody to pass up dessert we got frozen yogurt on the way home, which I’m still not decided on whether I like it, I think I would rather have ice cream or sorbet. In London it’s at least fat free so you can see a benefit to eating that but not over here. I got some strawberries on the top though to health it up a little bit!  

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