Day 11

This morning I ate cake.

Haha I had a slice of mine and Gemma’s cake and a cup of tea for breakfast – healthy as usual I know.

I had my usual pretty lazy morning then Jen picked me up just before 12 to take me to the mall for makeovers and lunch. Originally we were going to get makeovers on Saturday (today is Thursday) as we’re going out on the night but everywhere is fully booked so we decided to still do it so we could get some ideas and new make up etc.

We went to Mac in Macy’s and after some confusion both got made beautiful.

I really wanted to try an ombré lip which you can’t really see on this picture but it was pretty cool so I bought the stuff to do that and a primer/moisturiser which seemed super good.

Leandra had come to meet us whilst we were getting made up too so that we could head for lunch. Baybrook mall just got an extension so we wanted to try one of the new places to eat. Lee wanted to try Bar Louie and it had a table sitting in the sun so we headed for that, however, after 5mins of sitting and nobody has acknowledged us, we decided to head to Yard House where they had an earlier happy hour anyway!

I had a beautiful martini that was super fruity – peach and mango I think

And it wasn’t as overwhelmingly strong as some of the cocktails here which I just cannot enjoy as well.

We decided to order happy hour appetisers too instead of a main meal each, and when it came it was soooo much food.

The burger sliders were incredible though! And to be fair there wasn’t much left once we were done. It was a lovely girly lunch where we just sat and talked – I gave Lee a geography lesson for the most of it.

After a few more drinks we headed to go and pick Loni & Clara up and headed back to Jen’s for a few chilled hours of tv (I.e more project runway).

Just after 10 Gemma came to get me after work and we had a little adventure on the way home because the freeway was closed. I totally forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog too something that I found hilarious. You know when you’re singing along to something but just really stupid? Well I was doing that to Justin Bieber replacing it all for Geordie words and Gemma was like – I’ve heard this version before! Yehhh no I was totally making it up and I found it hilarious!

Okay I’m done!

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