Day 10

I had such a lazy morning pretty much refusing to get out of bed until I desperately needed the toilet and had to get up. The weather was once again cloudy so I sat and read my book chilling with the dogs.

Then I forced myself to get dressed for Gemma coming home just after 11. We went to one of my favourite places to eat last year – Longhorns, where I had a steak sandwich and Caesar salad combo which was pretty good. We then handed over to Barnes & Noble because Gemma knows what a geek I am and I’m always curious what books are out here we don’t have in the UK. One thing I was really surprised by were the number of hardback books, I’m not usually a hardback fan because I find them bulky and difficult to read but I found two nonetheless. 

Reign of Shadows was one of my most anticipated books of 2016, whereas the Beast Within, looks like it’s the newest instalment of the Disney books they sell in Disney World (I got Fairest Of Them All a few years ago).

After Barnes & Noble we headed out to do some random shopping at target, Below Five (I think it was called that) and Nordstrom Rack where I was super well behaved even though I wanted a million different Kate Spade purses and bags.

I then was super naughty and had an afternoon nap which never goes well! Although I did then finished Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman and finish watching the first episode of Scandal (which I think I might end up addicted to).

It was then time for more food – I honestly don’t know how I eat this regularly at home I feel like I’m shoving it all in here. For some stupid reason I really fancied steak (even though I had steak for lunch) so we headed to Saltgrass which is supposed to be the ‘original Texas steak house’ and it was pretty damn good. What really got me though was the number of servers, I couldn’t keep up with who was for where, we had like 3 or 4 different people attend to us. I also find it crazy you can’t switch salad for veg but have to pay more lol. It was good though, and what was even better was that when our bill came Gemma had a $25 reward she didn’t know about. Score!

Homeward bound we were. Since I had finished my book earlier in the day, I decided to start reading one that Liz lent me to read called Proof Of Heaven. Although I’m not a big religious person I was intrigued to read a scientists point of view on an apparent near death experience. 

What is really crazy is that although the guy is from North Carolina, he spent some time training in Newcastle! I couldn’t believe it and had to go running to show Liz. Like what are the chances?!?

Once Gemma had showered we started to make a Funfetti cake we had bought in Target earlier on. It is bizarre to me that to make a cake here you just add such few ingredients I still bake from scratch usually.

Considering how hopeless me & Gemma both are though it was probably for the best it was ‘simple.’ I wouldn’t have been surprised if we had gotten egg shell in – but we didn’t we were troopers!!

It turned out looking pretty good too!  It’s definitely easier to ice a cake using the frosting you get here!

 It was a bit late to the any (plus I was still super full) so we put it in the fridge until morning.

After reading a bit more of my book (I’m kinda halfway through-ish) I decided to head to bed, eating and lazing around really takes it out of you!


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