Day 9 


This morning I woke up to the news of the horrifying terrorist attack in Belgium. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world terrorist attacks are petrifying! Literally nowhere is safe. Although seeing it reported from American news channels is definitely eye opening.

I literally watched hours of footage, and as critical as people have been about the Belgium police etc. I genuinely don’t think anywhere could’ve prevented those attacks, nowhere I’ve even been to conducts any sort of search to just physically enter the airport.

Getting away from the devastation Gemma took me to my favourite breakfast destination – IHOP. My problem with IHOP is that I always overestimate what I can eat because I don’t want to pick between an omelette and pancakes so I always order both and eat half of each. They are beeeautiful though.

When we got back the weather had picked up a little bit so I swapped jeans for shorts and went to sit in the garden. It was short lived though as the sun kept disappearing behind the clouds and it wasn’t that warm when that happened. Where is the Texas heat I expect?!?

So now I’m chilling watching E! And the LA Clippers Dance Squad which is fantastically dramatic. Whilst also reading noughts and crosses during ad breaks, multitasking at its best.


I went all out and even curled my hair today! I suppose that’s one plus side to it not being really hot I haven’t just shoved my hair in a pony tail every single day.

Although I did accept defeat and put my jeans back on… Jen picked me up just before 4 and we did the school pick up and ordered a super cool cake for Loni’s 7th birthday! I’m gutted I’m going to miss it by just a few days.

We then just chilled for a few hours – I discovered that cheez its are addictive and project runway is a seriously good show I’ve been missing out on all this time!

Gemma finished work a little bit late so it was around 8 she picked me up to bring me home where Liz had made fajita stuff for us and we had agreed we would watch a film. So we picked 9 Minutes In Heaven because it’s based on Gemma’s friends Dad. Yeah it was not my cup of tea at all, it was super religious and cheesy. Nevermind.

I then went to the other extreme when I jumped in to bed and starting watching Scandal which both Gemma and Steve has recommended to me. Although I fell asleep I saw enough to realise Olivia Pope is for sure a bad ass!

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