Day 7

Wow we had such a lie in! I finally climbed out of bed at 9am and that’s practically unheard of for me. But we were on the beautiful San Antonio river walk so we got up and dressed to head out for breakfast. It was a tex-mex for breakfast kind of day where you even get given tortillas and salsa as an appetiser like for an evening meal.

 I had my first ever breakfast burrito which is essentially a wrap with egg, streaky bacon, sausage and cheese in it. A bit like a McDonald’s breakfast wrap to be honest. My truthful verdict is that it wasn’t fantastic but I just don’t think I’m a hug Mexican fan.

When we were eating breakfast I noticed a little chocolate shop that looked delicious so we headed over and I bought the most amazing chocolate covered strawberry in existence. It was huge and it tasted like kinder chocolate because it had a layer of milk chocolate and a layer of white chocolate too.

Although we made super good time to get to San Antonio the drive back was pretty slow at times and I almost fell asleep numerous times, that was until group road rage hit when a girl cut us off twice. Honestly it was so hilarious how angry we all were for no real reason.

It was a great girls weekend.

When I got back it wasn’t long before Gemma sped me off to her favourite place (and somewhere I really enjoyed last year) Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s essentially a sports bar where they sell chicken wings but they do boneless ones so I’m happy with that. After a real scrutinising of my ‘out of state ID’ I discovered that a screwdriver is just orange and vodka and shared Parmesan and garlic wings, onion rings and wedges with Gemma.

As if that wasn’t filling enough we travelled across the road to marble slab (there used to be one in eldon square in Newcastle but they shut it down) to bring some ice cream home.

I got mint with Oreos in a waffle bowl. Absolutely delicious. Our plan was to sit in the garden and eat it (after a distraction of taking a detour home so we would have longer to sing along to Adele) but once again it was too cold so we abandoned the plan.

After such an amazingly hectic week I was in bed by 8pm absolutely exhausted playing my usual role of life and soul of the party lol. So I read some of my book and pretty soon I was sound asleep.

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