Day 6

Roadtrip babyyyyy. After me whining on that I wanted to go to Six Flags theme park for weeks, Jen arranged for a girls trip over to San Antonio. Me, Jen, Leandra & Amanda packed up and took off at 6.30am to get there for park opening time. I got the true American experience of donuts for breakfast (with chocolate milk of course) as headed the 200+ miles along the I10 to the ‘neighbouring’ Texas city. It’s genuinely crazy that you can drive for hours and still be in Texas.

Just after 10.30 we pulled up at Fiesta Texas.

 And I was genuinely shocked by how cold it was! I thought I was well prepared in my playsuit with denim shirt to keep the sun/chill off me, but it was genuinely freezing I had goosebumps for most of the day and when the sun did come out I tried my best to get into the spots it was hitting.

Our first ride was ‘Scream’ a tower drop ride which gave an amazing view of the surrounding area. However, after waiting about 20mins to get on it and it not even being a main attraction we decided to bite the bullet and buy ‘flash pass’ tickets. However they were strange it wasn’t just your typical go in a different shorter line malarkey, it was a device that looked like a giant tamagotchi which just allowed you to join the queue virtually so you could do other things instead of physically queueing. It was still totally worth it.

Typically it was windy so some of the bigger rides never opened so I never got a chance to ride the iron rattler which looked unreal or Superman, but we did lots of others like batman –

Which has little pods that spin you whilst you travel on the regular rollercoaster. It was really good but super short like I would have been annoyed if I’d queued over 2 hours (some people did) and it was over that quick. Goliath was my favourite style of coaster where you hang underneath so I loved that. Then there was one called Poltegeist that was crazy good especially considering its on such a small plot of land.

We also did a ride I think of as a twister as that’s what the one in South Shields I called and it’s just one of those truly hilarious rides you can’t stop laughing through so I filmed a little bit of me and Jen on it (we got wrong so it’s really short).



We literally spent 8 hours in the park, so by the time we left we were so cold, and the thought of going out for dinner in shorts was too much so we stopped by a Nordstrom store for me to grab some jeans and a long top. I was super impressed with the shop.

Dinner was at a place called Biga on the Banks which was a really nice up market restaurant. Our waiter was super attentive and I tried Red Snapper which was delicious. It was all beautiful and the best meal I’ve eaten for a while.

 Then although the plan had been to have a girls night out we were all wipes from our day of travelling and rides so we headed back to the hotel and giggled some more before finally turning in for the night.

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