Day 5

Friday was my first full day in Texas, which was an amazing lazy day. I got up, unpacked and got my life together. Steve (Gemma’s dad) did a Starbucks run in true American style, then we literally just sat and talked about this that and everything for hours.

At about 4.30 Jen picked me up to take me to the grocery store and pick Loni up so I could grab some shampoo and conditioner etc. And then Gemma came and got me to take me out for dinner and meet her friend Lauren.

We went to Jimmy Changas a Mexican restaurant which was absolutely packed. Chips and queso were the perfect always starter, then I had a rotisserie chicken burrito style thing which was amazing on the first bite but then on the second I had little gristly bits of bones so I panicked and didn’t eat any more of it. It did have a frozen strawberry daiquiri though and a cute little monkey logo.

We then went back to Jen’s so I could stay the night and get ready to go to San Antonio in the morning. We played silly quiz games with Loni so we could win her m&ms haha it was fun.

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