Day 4


It’s our last day in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. So we headed over to Pershing Square opposite grand central to go to the cafe Michelle recommended for breakfast. I had Eggs Royale which was poached eggs with salmon on an English muffin covered with hollandaise sauce. It was delicious

I was also happy because they had chocolate milk haha, bloody love chocolate milk.

It’s St Patrick’s day today so New York is crazy full of people in green (including Gemma who intentionally wore a green hoodie). However we were unsure of where the best place to go for the parade would be and if we would be able to get back to the hotel to go to the airport so we decided to keep our distance.

We did however find another food spot recommended by Michelle which was Magnolia’s Bakery a little cake shop, I got a little St Patrick’s Day cupcake, it had the best butter icing ever, hiker Gemma had red velvet and Jen had pistachio. We took them over to Times Square and sat and watched the world go by as we ate them.

It’s sort of turned in to one of those afternoons where you don’t want to commit to doing anything because you don’t really have time. So we walked over to a recommended pizza place called Two Boots where Gemma and Jen got a slice of pizza each – all we did was eat.

 There was also this random pig statue next door to Two Boots that apparently made an appearance in the New York story in snapchat the other day so it’s practically famous, meaning Gemma needed a photo.  Oh plus he was dressed Irish! Lol

It’s almost time to head to the airport now and on to Houston – woooo! Part 2 of my holiday coming up!


Wow La Guardia airport is definitely a pain in the ass, security took forever and then there was nowhere to eat through by the gates just places to grab food and sit at the gate – where there weren’t enough seats anyway. We ended up boarding late and taking off late with an overall delay of about 40mins. We then had the most turbulent flight ever. However, because it was St Patrick’s day we got a free alcoholic beverage on board and our flight attendant Cheryl was absolutely lovely, she had so much to deal with – a rowdy school band with the worst chaperones in history -but she was amazing.

I’m so happy to be tucked up in bed in Houston. Liz & Steve (Gemma’s parents) are just the loveliest people too so glad I’m here again.

Sleep time for me and American Netflix for my lie in and lazy day tomorrow 😬 Night X

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