Day 3


We left the curtains open last night because our room is really warm so wanted the window open for air, which meant I woke up this morning to this beautiful view

The fog is finally lifting! It’s a beautiful clear day at the moment. We just need to force ourselves up and ready.

Wow my feet hurt! So first stop today was the Empire State Building because it’s a New York City must it literally just comes out of nowhere you turn the corner and bam you can see it.

It’s a little bit strange in my opinion that you queue numerous times and go through security before anybody checks your ticket but hey ho! Luckily for us it wasn’t too busy so we didn’t have to wait long at all. And the views really are unbelievable, you for sure do not get anywhere near the clarity and distance with a camera!

It’s definitely not an all day thing though as once you’ve lapped the top you’ve seen it all. Although I did also have the excitement of finding Jade’s picture on the celebrity wall for a little home away from home.

Next up was another ridiculously long walk down to china town just so we could say we’ve experienced it. In converse I definitely wasn’t prepared for another day of super long walking so I was a little whiney, however, it was all worth while when we found Little Italy and a dozen amazing looking Italian restaurants. The one we stopped at had seats outside (it actually also got super warm) so we sat and ate pasta which was absolutely delicious.

Then since we had walked all the way down town and needed to be back up town we jumped on the subway again – the lady yesterday told us our journey was going to cost us $8.75 but it was only $2.75 so we have money to spend that we topped up. We got off at the most beautiful station known to man – Grand Central station.

Nothing genuinely prepares you for the size and grandeur of this building – I saw a sign that said line 117 how is that even possible?? It is literally exquisite, as much as I don’t understand the whole proposal on the top of the Empire State Building because it was super busy and cramped, if any man would like to hire out grand central or even just a corner I’d say yes haha.

It was then back to the foot transport along 5th avenue, past Saks and Tiffany’s, to Central Park. It’s crazy you step into the park and it instantly gets quieter. We didn’t venture very far (our feet hurt too bad) but we bought some ice cream and settled down to watch a volleyball game. The view with the towers behind the trees is pretty cool.

As much as I’ve always said I want to go ice skating in Central Park it was way too warm for ice, it needs to be cold and scarf weather for sure.

Now we’re back at the hotel for a nap and chill before we head out for dinner tonight. Ahhhh my feet can cool down and resize to normal.


So after my nap I felt so poorly I almost didn’t go out for dinner, but I’m glad I forced myself to because we went to a really cool bar called Alfie’s with Gemma’s friend Shane. Even better they had peach flavoured absolut 😬 love a flavoured vodka.

I got a new Mac lipstick too a ‘retro matte liquid lipcolour’ called Quite The Standout. I’ve wanted a orangey colour for a while and when better to get it than in Mac Times Square! I do like it 😊

Now Gemma & Jen have went for a walk around Times Square but my feet are too achy and I’m still not feeling fantastic so I’m curled up in bed. We came to the conclusion that in NYC you’re supposed to start and finish later but we’re out the door for the crack of dawn, whoops!&8

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