The Choice

Anybody who knows me probably knows how much I love a good love story, especially those written by Nicholas Sparks. My (I want to say obsession but that’s a strong word) started when I was a teen and my big sister Michelle introduced me to A Walk To Remember which has been my favourite film ever since.

So when I saw The Choice was being released just in time for Mother’s Day it seemed like a perfect choice (pardon the pun). The Choice is the story of new neighbours who are clearly destined to be together. Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer play the parts of Travis and Gabby, and to be honest I’d never seen anything with either of them in before. I was almost disappointed with Walker as he seemed too much ‘the perfect good looking guy’ for me to actually find him good looking but I soon learned to love him, Palmer on the other side didn’t come across as the most natural actress and at times I almost cringed, but again the story made me soften towards her.

Like most Sparks’ stories there was a dead parent, a tragic accident and an epic unstoppable romance. I’m pretty convinced Sparks is the reason I’m single – I have wayyyy to high expectations.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys a love story this is definitely for you, if you’re expecting action and thrill not so much.

One last thing, I loved this quote from the film…

TRAVIS – ‘Why do you make it so hard for me to flirt with you?’

GABBY – ‘If I didn’t make it hard you wouldn’t flirt.’

What a relatable quote!

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