1 Week To Go

Eeek. In a week I’ll be getting packed ready to head to NYC for the first time ever. New York has also been a fairytale dream place to visit for me, shopping, Broadway, sightseeing, Central Park… I fully expect to feel like I’m on a movie set at all times. Steve (my friends dad) is also the biggest shining star as he got us tickets to go and see Finding Neverland whilst we’re there which I’m super excited about! 

It also gets even better because after spending 4 days in NYC with 2 of my most favourite people, I get to jump on a plane with them and head back to Houston for 2 more weeks! 

Last year in Houston I had the most amazing time, got to hang out with Gemma who has been my long standing text buddy as I stayed with her, but also met some of her friends who are the kindest and most welcoming people – they even arranged a 4th of July party for me in March. So this time I not only have the excitement of seeing Gemma and her family but my new friends too 😬 I literally cannot wait. 

The countdown is on!!!


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