Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Back in January I shared my super excited post about getting placed for camp through Americamp (my – I Got PlACed post) but ever since it’s becoming super stressful! I don’t know whether it’s because I work full time whereas most of the applicants are students, but it just never seems to end – Visa forms, DBS Check, Camp Contracts, looking at flights, Orientation, Visa J1 Day. So far I think I’ve got most of it sorted.

The J1 visa was definitely the most stressful thing to do. Americamp sent out an email giving guidance on how to fill the form in and although it was helpful, I feel like to start with it made everything feel a million times worse. Actually finding a visa appointment is difficult too, so far there are only two released – one of which I’m in America on holiday, and the other I’ll be at work as it’s just a few days after I get back, I’m also now worrying when the appointments will be available as I have a holiday in May where I’m going to need my passport – eeeek!

Hopefully, everything will be plain sailing I’ll get some decent priced flights and can jet off to San Francisco stress free!! If anybody has any suggestions of things to do please let me know!!



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