Valentine’s Day

Okay, so as most people know I am a terrible romantic so I traditionally love Valentine’s Day, but as you would have expected being a singleton I was sort of dreading it this year – my plan was actually to watch films and eat chocolate and wallow… 

However, my lovely mother was determined to make me participate in her day’s events starting by delivering (with Phoebe’s help of course) my Valentine’s Day card  

Yes this is what my life has become haha, however if your cat loves you (and your mam obviously) who else could you possibly need? 

I was then convinced to abandon my plans of chick flicks and chocolate to put some clothes on and go for a walk; I did however refuse to stretch to applying makeup. 

 We headed to Jesmond Dene as I had never been; even though it’s just in Newcastle, and I’d been complaining that nobody had ever taken me to pets corner. If you haven’t been it is genuinely a pleasant surprise, considering it is essentially in the city centre it’s beautiful.  

So we had a lovely walk in the snow and found pets corner! Although I was disappointed there was no rabbits out I loved this little goat  

 He looks like a real Billy in my eyes. There was also another really funny goat with a mouthful of food which wasn’t moving except to chew every now again, I felt like he was trying to pretend he wasn’t being fat. 
We then headed into the visitor centre for a little bit of a lunch which was really tasty and great value for money! Then as the hailstones hit it was time to head back to the car.

We then had a stop in Silverlink for me to do some shopping as today marks a month exactly until I jet off to New York 😬, literally cannot believe how quickly it has came around. 

I got some really nice thing my favourites are 

This floral shirt dress which was £14.99 from H&M & I figure will be good either with tights in the next few weeks to bare legs in the summer. 

 AAnd this tan vest from New Look which was £9.99 which I’m planning to wear with cut off denim shorts – perfect for that country Texas style I think I can rock but in reality fail. 

Once home I ran a lovely steamy bath and indulged myself with half an hour of reading (even though I’m reading The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks which is considered one of the most romantic stories of ‘our time’) washed my hair and relaxed.

I’m now looking forward to a good old ‘m&s’ two dine in deal for tea and packing my case ready for London tomorrow. 

Busy, busy, busy.  


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